Casement Windows

The casement outward opening style window is not a popular choice here in Spain, mainly due to the design of the buildings. Most properties are built with a grill that is fitted to the external of the window, this then prevents the window from opening out

. If you are seeking this type of window then we manufacture either side or top opening sashes.
If you open the handle 45 deg the window will then open on a friction hinge allowing a small area for ventilation, the window also as the option of a night vent facility allowing it to be open but ln a locked position (not a secure locked position).
Our casement outward opening windows are also very secure we use the MACO MACH 2 SHOOTBOLT system with a night vent locking striker, All our window come as standard with a key locking handle.
Like all our windows our, Tilt and turn range are also very efficient.

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